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RECIPEBOX Ultra Pure Natural Toothpaste (Made in Korea)

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Korea No.1 kids cosmetics brand 'RECIPEBOX"
We make cosmetics for children with the safest ingredients.
Recipe Box is the No. 1 online brand for children's cosmetics in Korea.
If you care about your precious child, buy the safest product.

Recipebox Ultra Pure Natural Toothpaste
* The safest toothpaste with all EWG green grade ingredients.
* Natural-made sweetness – Stevia leaf extract and xylitol for tasty.
* Provides a healthy, pleasant taste and aroma.
* Mix natural strawberry and natural berry flavors to create optimal flavors (non artificial flavor).
* Natural-made surfactants to create a suitable foam.
* Contains organic certified olive leaf extract, spearmint oil, rosemary extract, eucalyptus oil, etc.
* Non chemical preservatives. Only 'Cutellaria Baicalensis root extract' (natural preservative).
* Containing minimal fluorine, it is effective in the prevention of cavities, which is the natural function of toothpaste. Fluorine content: 172 ppm

I'm sure you'll be satisfied with this toothpaste than any other luxury brand's toothpaste.

Wt. : 60ml
Expire date : November 2023

All products in the RECIPEBOX are MADE IN KOREA.
We only use safe and proven ingredients because safety is our top priority.

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