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Miznco Easy Food Rice Porridge 宝宝即食粥 (Made in Korea)

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MIZNCO - 3 Minutes Baby Rice Porridge
80g [10g x 8sachets]


In hot water for 3 minutes ok!!
- Our easy meal contains softly rice and domestic vegetables
- Domestic organic rice put in a more solid form of rice porridge

What is Popped Rice?

Domestic organic rice that is softened by heat press so that rice can be eaten intact

- Easy breakfast for our kids
- Suitable for overseas or long-distance travel
- Preparing a meal easily
- Meal as a medium nutrition snack


1)Rice Porridge - Sweet Potato & Chestnut
Ingredients: Korean Organic rice, broccoli slices, mushroom slices, carrot slices, sweet potato flour, chestnut flour.

2)Rice Porridge - Tuna
Ingredients: Korean Organic rice, tuna slices, potato slices, cabbage slices, bonito fish powder.

3)Rice Porridge - Chicken Stock & Vegetable
 Ingredients: Korean Organic rice, carrot slices, potato slices, spinach slices, cabbage slices, chicken soup powder.

4)Rice Porridge - Broccoli & Cheese
Ingredients: Korean Organic rice, broccoli slices, potato slices, pumpkin powder, cheese powder, colostrum powder.

5)Rice Porridge - Cod
Ingredients: Korean Organic rice, cod fish powder, corn starch, seaweed powder, radish powder, pollack fish powder, radish soup powder.
6) Rice Porridge - Korean Beef Bone Soup & Seaweed
Ingredients: Korean Organic rice, potato slices, corn starch, dried kelp, Korea bone soup, seaweed powder, carrot powder.

**Directions : Each small bag mix with 80-degree water and stir it. (When mix with 60ml of water, the finished product is 80ml)

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