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Miznco Easy Mix Flake Furikake 宝宝拌饭料 (Made in Korea)

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🍙【MiznCO 拌饭料 Bburillak Bibillak (Easy mix flakes) [5g x 4]】🍙

💜 拌饭料可以为忙碌的妈妈们快速的搞定宝宝的一餐。
💙 外出旅游携带也很方便
💚 一共有六种不同的口味

🍘拌入面条、米饭/粥 Mix in noodles, rice/porridge
🍘无味精 No MSG
🍘无人工添加剂 No artificial additives
🍘Furikake的柔软度是适合儿童 Gentle & Soft Furikake for kids

适用年龄 Age:  10个月或以上 10 months and above

Target audience: for babies from 10 months old
- Ingredients 100% clean food, grown in locality
- Diverse ingredients such as tuna, anchovies, broccoli, seaweed, seafood,...
- Serve with white rice, mixed kimbap, mixed rice, sticky rice, porridge, noodles... bring to school, go out or picnic are very convenient.
- Clean, delicious and convenient, ready to split small packages for easy portability.
This is a Korean domestic spice that is favored by mothers for its convenience and fastness. Miznco has many flavors, not only helps babies have a delicious and nutritious meal, but also saves mothers time when preparing food for their children. Not only the children that parents like.

Expired Date:
Seafood - 6/9/2022
Curry - 20/10/2022
Cheese - 20/10/2022
Tuna - 8/9/2022
Vegetable - 14/9/2022
Anchovy - 6/9/2022

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