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Miznco Pumpkin Pancake Mix 南瓜煎饼粉 (Made in Korea)

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Miznco baking powder Extremely delicious, nutritious, Specialized powder for babies. Ingredients made from organic ingredients

👍 The dough is from pumpkin powder, sweet potatoes, and chestnuts, so it taste sweet, and super delicious, attractive to your baby.
👍 Super simple way to make just put the dough out and add a little water or milk  to mix and fry on the non-stick pan.
👍No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
👍Using only the finest ingredients, that taste great too.
👍Easy Pumpkin Pancake Mix is perfect for busy mornings.
👍They are so quick and easy to make. You can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying breakfast with your family!


1. 加入4汤匙的南瓜煎饼粉
2. 加入100毫升水,搅拌均匀
3. 在煎盘上抹油/牛油,然后烧热煎盘
4. 倒入适量的南瓜煎饼糊,煎至金黄色,就完成了


适用年龄: 10个月以上 10 months and above

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